Are you drowning in debt?

During these difficult times many people are facing the possibility of having to make very tough economic choices. If you’re in a situation where medical bills are piling up, credit card bills are accruing interest and penalties, and your creditors are harassing you with constant phone calls, then the Engelberger Law Group can help.

When you make the call to our firm, and schedule an appointment, you’ll meet with an attorney free of charge who will give you an honest assessment of your economic situation. Because our firm specializes in Chapter 7 cases only, you will be hiring an attorney who specializes in this very complex area of the law.

With over ten years’ experience in debt related issues I understand that the decision to file a Chapter 7 is not an easy one. There is a so called “stigma” as it relates to the filing of a bankruptcy. What individuals don’t realize is that the United States Government enacted laws to protect its citizens from situations such as yours. The laws are there for you, so that you can be free from unnecessary stress and creditor harassment. The laws are there so that you can get a fresh start.

We also recognize the importance of being able to contact an attorney and have your questions answered directly. Our legal team is uniquely organized to give each client the attention and care they deserve. Each client is provided a mobile phone number so they can contact me directly.

How can I afford to hire an attorney when I can’t pay my bills?

The Engelberger Law Group offers affordable attorney’s fees. Because each individual’s economic situation is different, we can structure a payment arrangement that fits even the tightest budget. We offer these payment plans because you can’t afford not to hire an experienced attorney. Your economic future is at stake. Let us help you move forward towards a brighter economic future. CALL US TODAY


As previously stated, I specialize in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy only. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a liquidation, meaning your assets could be sold to pay your creditors. Once your case is filed, a trustee is appointed over your estate, and he decides whether you have enough assets to warrant a liquidation. If there are no assets for which the trustee takes can take an interest, you will receive a total discharge, meaning your debt will be wiped out, and you get a “fresh start” on the road to financial freedom.


Yes. Under Georgia Law, certain asset values are protected from your creditors. Georgia Law allows exemptions for your home, vehicles, personal property, life insurance proceeds, and retirement plans, among others. In essence, if none of your assets exceed the exemption amounts under the law, the trustee cannot take your asset and sell it for the benefit of your creditors.